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Welcome to the Home Page of Colin & Fay Pratt and the histories of related families. If you are related to any of these families, or have any common family names, or can contribute in any way, you may like to contact us for an exchange of information, please email me.

This page is maintained by Colin Pratt. My aim is to contribute to the world of genealogy in some small way. We have been fortunate over the years to have people help answer our questions without thought of reward and we feel these pages may go some way to repaying others kindness.

It is better to understand a little, than to misunderstand a lot


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Australian Flag Pratt Family History (incl Brace, Hemming, Bustin, Child branches)         
Colin's Paternal line
Australian Flag Campbell Family History
Colin's Maternal line
New Zealand Flag McKennie Family History      
Fay's Paternal line
New Zealand Flag Paul-Hoetawa Family History      
Fay's Maternal line
Turnbook.GIF Huntingdonshire & Gloucestershire Look-up Exchange
I am owner of  the Look-up Exchange for the Counties of Huntingdonshire and Gloucestershire, England, that is part of a network of volunteers willing to assist with  Genealogy matters. Please take a look and bookmark it for your future reference. I need more volunteers to join the team, so if you can contribute, please contact me.
smwrld.gif Links  
Contained within are a multitude of links to some of my favourite places around the net that have assisted me in my Genealogical research.  Explore. There are many wonders to be found.
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My star sign is Libra. Check about my astrology sign.


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