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HENRY PRATT 1838-19..

Henry PRATT   m   Sarah BUSTIN

Henry was born 20 September 1838, at Elm Place Wandsworth, Surrey, England. 

His wife Sarah was good looking, long black hair parted in the middle. She was born at Marston, Warwickshire in 1838.

At the time of the 1881 Census Henry's occupation was a Time Keeper in the Locomotive Shed with the London Midland & Scottish (LMS) Railway at Derbyshire in the Midlands, and the family was living at 12 Midland Railway Cottages in the district of Staveley.

George Pratt, Henry's brother was staying with them at the time of the 1881 Census whose occupation was recorded as 'Butler Domestic Unemployed Unmarried'. His age was 41.

 It seems that as a result of the expansion of the Railway system to various Counties, Henry was transferred or applied for new posts where there was work, and this is evidenced by the various birth places of his children.

* Georgina Hales PRATT born 1863, at Beansale, Warwickshire, England. School Mistress. Died 1909/4 at Chesterfield age 46.

* Mary Ann PRATT         born 1868, at Fletton, Huntingdonshire, England. School Teacher
* Henry George PRATT  born 1868, at Fletton, Huntingdonshire, England. Railway Engineer

Georgina married William BRACE on 29-11-1885 and has 3 sons:

(1) Kenrick Mervyn BRACE: born 1887/1 at Chesterfield, no more info

(2) Reginald Basil BRACE: born 23 March 1890 at Chesterfield. Died 1978/2 at Nottingham.
Married 1919/1 at Chesterfield to Lily BLADEN, who died 1952/3 age 60 at Nottingham.

(3) Norman Wilfred BRACE: born 1891/4 at Chesterfield. Died 1927/4 at Chesterfield age 35.
No marriage found.

The BRACE family originated from Wales and were Coalminers.

One daughter died young, of a Heart Attack, at Christmas, while making sweet mince meat.

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