Pratt Family History


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Iris & Vera PRATT 1912-19xx


Iris Emily PRATT b.2-7-1912 to Vera Edith PRATT b.2-7-1912 to
Photo was taken in 1916 when the Twins were 4 years old.

Iris and Vera were twins born at St Giles hospital, Broomsbury London, under the Bow Bells, Cockneys. The girls had black hair and Iris was nearly named Violet because of her violet coloured eyes. Iris was the stronger baby at 8lb-8oz while Vera was 3lb-8oz.

At the age if 11 years in 1923 Vera was involved in a motor car accident and was knocked down outside her school at Westley Rd Stonebridge, NW10. near Wembley. She suffered brain damage and spent many years in institutions.

Iris Emily PRATT, photo possibly taken in the 1950's after returning from a visit to Sydney Australia. Iris could have been aged about 40.


Taken in July 1963 of Emily Maud PRATT (age 89) and twin daughters Vera & Iris (age 51)


Taken in July 1963 of Emily Maud PRATT (age 89) with daughter Vera (age 51)
and son Charles Edmund PRATT (age 55).


Emily and Iris visiting Vera in July 1966 at Cousdon Surrey Hospital, for the twins birthday. Possibly the last photo of Emily now aged 92. Iris and Vera turning 54.


"Foxmead" Retirement Home at Sth Holmwood, Dorking, Surrey, where Iris and Vera reside from 1992, is an elegant Victorian vicarage set on 3-1/2 acres of delightfully landscaped gardens.