This page is a listing of selected sites that have being invaluable in the search for information on Genealogy. There are all kinds of links here, and we will update it as often as we can. We hope you benefit from it.

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The Look-Up Exchange:  County-by-County Genealogical Resources for the whole of England, Scotland, Wales and the Isle of Man.
Mirrored at:
Over 2,000 genealogy mailing lists, check out John Fuller's web pages at:
Genealogy Resources on the Internet
Cyndi's list is packed full of genealogy links and information:
On-line sourcing of Australasian Passenger Lists
British Shipping 1852-59 Index
Guide to Immigration Records and Ship's Passenger Lists-Table of Contents
Ship Photos
Ships Index
Wind Ships
Find the street you are looking for in the United Kindom:
UK Street Map
Epicurious World Maps Interactive Atlas
Global Genealogy Supply - Genealogy & History CD ROM - Quintin Publications -   Cassell's Gazetteer of Great Britain & Ireland, 1899  
Global Genealogy Supply - Genealogy & History Information, Indexes and Sources - England, English, Britain, British, Brit
Global Genealogy Supply - Maps & Atlases For The Family Historian - Landranger maps, UK, Britain, Scotland, Wales.
Global Genealogy Supply - Maps & Atlases For The Family Historian - Victorian Ordnance Survey maps, England & Wales.
Greenwood's Map of London 1827 Index Page
Microsoft Expedia Maps - Home
Multi Media Mapping London Street Maps
Ordnance Survey - Gazetteer of Place Names
Ordnance Survey Britain's national mapping agency
Rallymaps - Main Index
Victorian London Cemeteries
A list of occupations
Ranks, Professions, Occupations, & Trades
Obsolete Occupations
Medical Conditions
Nineteenth-Century British Public Health Overview
Abbreviations Used On Census Returns England & Wales 1841-1891
An Onomastikon (Dictionary of Names)
Etymology of Names
People Names and Origins
Roots Surname List Search
Australian War Memorial
Commonwealth War Graves Commission
Public Record Office Finding Aids British Army Records as Sources for Biography and Genealogy
The Great War - The First World War
Births Deaths & Marriages Exchange
ONS Services - Certificates of births, marriages and deaths
Deciphering Old Handwriting
Devon Facts & Figures - Population Menu
Eurocall World Directories - Europe
International Directory
Family History Research Register
Family Relationships Chart
Genealogy Jennie Newman Charts
Free resources for genealogists
GBH On-Line Gazetteer
GenBritz Down Under
Genealogical Books Online
GRS-Free Library
Genealogy & Local History in London
Genealogy Gateway To The Web by Steve Lacy
GenUKI Home page
Middlesex England Parish Records
Medieval History
Military history
Useful dates in British history
Ordnance Survey
Post Office Archives
Registration Districts in England and Wales
Public Record Office Finding Aids Online Catalogue
Public Record Office Readers Information For Genealogists
Relative Value of Sums of Money
Weights and Measures
A Dictionary of Measures, Units and Conversions
Royal and Noble Genealogical Data on the Web
Society of Genealogists
The Federation of Family History Societies
The Global Gazette, Canada's Genealogy & Heritage On-line Magazine
St Catherine's Marriage Index
The Midland Railway Company
The Online Family History Fair
Vicar-General Marriage Licence Index - essential background
Victorian London Public Institutions
Victorian London Research
Victorian Web Sites
Web Publishing for Genealogy
Ye Olde English Sayings
Ancestor Quest UK and Ireland Genealogy
England & Wales Vital Document Supply Agency for Family Historians & Genealogists
FamilySearch LDS Internet Genealogy Service
The Royal Commission on Historical Manuscripts
World Time Zones
Australia - History Pages
Online Newspapers - 2250 listings
The British Monarchy
Your Internet White Pages - International Sites
Free Birth Death & Marriage lookup


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