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my friends

Takako-san Takako Nakayama  is my girlfriend since high school. She is very sweet, and is always available to help me on any matter. She lives near me and we go shopping together. Ban-kun is her boyfriend.
Miyuki-san She has been my close friend since we met at university and her major was the same as mine. In 1992 when I first went to USA, she was one of the group on the tour which consisted of 90 people. She lived in Kuwana, the next city to Yokkaichi but now lives in Nagoya. We talk a lot and hold intelligence conversations and usually she listens to me more than she talks to me, but always advises me when I need it. We discuss my weeks happenings over the phone and I want to know what happened to her as well.  We go sightseeing to various places in Japan like Kanazawa. I visit her in Nagoya and stay over at her place, and we dine out and do karaoke.
Kaori-san She is a friend from Junior high and lives very near to me. We often go shopping together, talking at a cafe, singing at Karaoke, drinking, etc.
Kaori marr
ied Uchikawa-san in April 99. She will have a baby in May 2000.
Akie-chan She was my friend at high school. She went to the same elementary school and junior high and lived near me, but we didn't know each other at that time. When we went to high school, we joined the same club, brass band. She played flute and I played Euphonium, but she quit the club. After high school, she went to a university in Tokyo and I went to one in Nagoya. By coincidence  we joined the same club again ! So, we met again on club activities. Before we went to Uni, we went to Shizuoka with other two girls (Takako & Izumi) for a memory of our graduation from high school. She went abroad to study, so she graduated from Uni. one year later than I did. Then she has started working.
Sasaki-kun He has been a friend since 1993 when we were students, though we went to different universities.  He will be married in the Autumn of 1999.
Hattori-kun He has also been a  friend since 1993, and also went to a different university. Hattori-kun has always supported me and given advice in difficult times.
These are all friends of Hattori-kun, and we go to various places for weekend activities. Kitamura-san is one of the groups members, but he is presently working in Shanghai for his company.
Kamiya-san will be married on Oct 9, 1999.
O-chan I have known O-chan for a long time. He is also a special person. His father has a  Daihatsu dealership, and he assisted me in selecting the car that I purchased.
They are O-chan's friends and now we are all a group of friends. We met in the summer of 1996, and we go on outings together, camping, fishing, sightseeing.
Kyoko Mizutani and Junko Fujimoto were my friend at my old company.
Yoshikawa-san She is a business associate in freight forwarding, but has become a good friend of mine and Kyoko-san. In October 98 Yoshikawa-san married Hayashi-san. The wedding ceremony party is called hirouen in Japanese. She was utsukushii (beautiful) and the bridegroom was kakko ii (handsome).
Masami My sister, of course is my special friend. Her Husband is Suzuki-san. They were married on April 11, 1999. She wore a white Kimono called Uchikake to worship then changed Kimono to a colorful one to go to the wedding hall. On June 11, 2001 my sister had a baby boy and his neame is Yuya.
Yoshitada He is my brother. He is younger than me but older than my sister.
Masato-san He is a special friend since the winter of 1997. Now he is more than my friend. He is my Husband, we were married on July 24 1999.   SEE  PHOTO
Takitimu-san He is my good friend, and is the web-master of my home page.

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