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Japanese Girl

Let me explain my music.

Here are some of my favorite songs and artists:



1 Beauty & harmony Miwa Yoshida
2 Pride Miki Imai
3 Alone Mayo Okamoto
4 Fallin' Angel TM Network
5 Freesom Globe
6 Romance no kamisama Komi Hirose
7 Dasshu Miwa Yoshida
8 Innocent world Mr. children
9 Somebody loves you Tomomi Kahara
10 Love goes on Dreams Come True
11 Get Wild TM Network
12 Gonna be Alright Globe
13 Ureshii ! Tanoshii ! Daisuki ! Dreams Come True

The oldest one is TM Network. I have liked the group since high school. Their songs sound very cool.

Dreams Come True is the next. Their songs have very cheerful and positive messages. I have known them since university.

Miwa Yoshida is a vocalist of the group and she has released her solo CD. I like her songs too.

I like Globe and Tomomi Kahara. Their songs are composed by Tetsuya Komuro. He was one of TM Network and he has composed a lot of songs. TM Network has been disbanded  for years, and he has been doing his own thing since. He is one of best known musicians in the world now. I like his songs because the interval is very high (like soprano) and it is easier for me to sing his songs. My voice is high tone.

The others are popular these days.


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