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Shigemi Yamamoto


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Kabuki Actor, Ukiyo-e  'Yakko Edo-bei' by Toshusai Syaraku (1787-?)

Japanese Flag

Mt Fuji rising from the mist

Calisto Castle Home of Shogun Thor

Mt. Fuji or Fujiyama. It is the highest mountain (3,776m or 12,285ft) in Japan and is world-famous for its superb conical form. This symbol of the beautiful land is located on the border of Shizuoka and Yamanashi Prefectures. Although it has been dormant, it is classified by geologists as an active volcano. To the Japanese mind, Fuji-san is much more than a single volcano. It is regarded as a sacred object, and the climbing of Mt. Fuji has long been a religious practice. It has exerted a great influence upon Japanese culture. Throughout the history of Japanese art and literature, this holy mountain has been the subject of uncountable poems and pictures. The yearning for greatness and beauty symbolised by Fuji-san led the ancients to name many local mountains and towns after this beautiful mountain. (Bates Hoffer, An English Dictionary of Japanese Culture)

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Konnichi wa. Yamamoto Shigemi to mooshimasu.
Hello. My name is Shigemi Yamamoto.

If I keep a green brough in my heart, the singing bird will come ................




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As the water flows, so my page continues to be in the state of creation.


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this is my most favorite character, Pikachu


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The background music you are listening to is titled Renkan-Jokyoku. It is the work of Inada-no-Umahijiri, and is played on the Shakuhachi - the traditional Japanese bamboo flute.

The Shakuhachi


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Where do I live?

3-toed dragon

Shinto shrine

I live in Japan, in the City of Yokkaichi, 300 Km south of Tokyo and about a one hours drive south of Nagoya. map of Japan


Japan consists of 4 main Islands, and I live in the 2nd northern Island of Honshu. South of Yokkaichi are the well known cities of Kyoto, Nara and Osaka.



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Hi, this is me.

I am the eldest Daughter of my family. I have a Brother and Sister.

I have a Bachelor of Arts Degree in English and English Education from Nanzan University, Showa-ku, Nagoya, which I completed in 1994.


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My career

mastu-bo, pine bonsai

As the Mastu-bo Bonsai develops and shapes, so does my career.

Click here to review my C.V.


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my friends  

My friends

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My Star Sign

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See my Horoscope Enter Here

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The music I love


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My sport & activities

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My favourite activities are Scuba Diving in Summer, Camping, Hiking, Fishing, Sightseeing, and some skiing in Winter.  

Shogun: General, head of Samurai government

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mailbox miyu

   Before you leave, send me an Email and tell how much you loved my page, and then come back and visit me again.


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My page was created in April 1998.
and last updated on June 17, 2001

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katana (Japanese sword)

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