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The following is a list of reference works on Huntingdonshire which volunteers are willing to search for specific entries. To ask for a look-up, please click on the name by the reference. Requests should be specific: give as much detail as you can. Abuses of the kindness of these volunteers will probably cause them to withdraw their names so please don't ask for all references to a common name, or for time-consuming research. Volunteers may or may not be willing to obtain copies of the relevant pages. If they are, expect to reimburse expenses.

To ensure that your message receives prompt attention please use the words Hunts Look-ups in your subject line. Many volunteers work on several projects at once and it can be hard for them to try and guess which one you are responding to. Failure to do so could result in your request being overlooked.

If you are new to The Look-up Exchange or unfamiliar with the records of the British Isles please visit the help page for vital information. Not only will you find the material extremely informative, but it will help you avoid wasting your own time, and that of our volunteers, on fruitless searches. The more you know, and the more specific you can be, the better we can help you. Blanket requests will almost certainly be met with "I'm sorry but...." Help us to help you - BE SPECIFIC.

Many of the sources used for these lookups are the result of the dedication and hard work of a family history society. Many Family History Societies produce publications related to their county. You may want to consider purchasing your own copy of relevant resources to aid your research. You may also wish to consider supporting research in this area by joining the society.

Title Volunteer
Link to the 1881 British Census 'on-line',  where you can do your own lookup. Enter Here
Link to the 1901 British Census 'on-line',  where you can do your own lookup. Enter Here
Link to Huntingdonshire Family History Society Enter here
Link to English Names Directory Enter here
Link to Huntingdonshire County & Parish Pages Enter here
Link to Huntingdonshire BMD records (now part of modern Cambridgeshire) Enter here
1559-1837  Ramsey marriages
1561-1837  Little Ramsey marriages
1561-1837  Bury marriages
1604-1837  Wistow marriages 
Steve Syddell
1538-1837  Huntingdonshire Marriage Index Kenneth Hughes
Eynesbury Parish Register Transcripts:
1545-1606 Births, Marriages, Deaths
1653-1719 Baptisms & Burials
1813-1900 Baptisms & Burials
1661-1673 Marriages
1812-1837 Marriages
1612-1632 Bishop's Transcripts
Glenn King
Parish Records for St Mary's Parish Church, EATON SOCON
1813-2002 Burials
Rob Murray
1841, 51, 61, 71, 81, 91 & 1901 Census lookups, BMD, etc Christine Cunningham
1891 census lookups for Huntingdonshire (names required) Wendy Barlow
Parishes from the B.I.V.R.I.
Up to 1876 Baptisms & Marriages only
Alconbury, Alwalton, Bluntisham, Brington, Buckworth, Bythorn, Chesterton, Connington, Diddington, Elton, Farcet, Fenstanton, Fletton, Glatton, Godmanchester, Great Gidding Gransden, Paxton, Stukeley, Haddon, Hailweston, Hartford, Hemmingford Abbotts, Holme, Holywell, Keyston, Leightonbromswold, Little Gidding,
Paxton, Molesworth, Offord Cluny, Steelpe Gidding, Longstow, Swineshead.
Margaret Long
1891 census lookups for Huntingdonshire (names required) Wendy Barlow
1631=1837 Quaker Births
1657=1837 Quaker Marriages

Ramsey C.O.E
1559=1920 Bapts
1559=1920 Marriages
1559=1920 Burials

Ramsey Methodists
1822=1901 Bapts

1601-1837 Hunts Marriage Index

Monumental Ins
Alconbury, St Peter/St Paul.
Old Weston, St Swithins.
Ramsey Wood Lane
Ramsey St Marys
St Thomas
Hemmingford Grey, St James
Hemmingford Abbots, St Margaret of Antioch

Census for Ramsey District 1861/1901
Census for Yaxley, 1841, 1851, 1871, 1891, 1901
Census for Hunts 1851
Census for Northhamptonshire (
which includes Yaxley) 1871
British Vital Records Index

Union Workhouse Births & Deaths
1836=1913 St Ives
1913=1952 At Neots
1838=1949 Huntingdon 

Parish Registers
1563-1965 Folksworth, ST Helens
1861-1884 Elton Bapt. MARR 1861-1957. No Burials.
1861-1953 Elton Banns
1604=2002 Buckworth All Saints
1561=1900  Bury Holy Cross
1605=1972 Caldecote, St Marys
1546=1900 Denton, All Saints
1604=1965 Diddington, St Lawrence
1597=1975 Kings Ripton, St Peter
1576=1970 Little Raveley, St James
1604=1975 Old Weston
1604=1851 Waternewton
1604=1989 Woodwalton

Parish.Register Little Gidding
1596=1961 Bapts
1824=1944 Banns
1637=1970 Burials

Parish.Register Morborne
1604=1950 Bapts
1604=1950 Marriages
1604=1950 Burials
1750-1781,1783-1787.1797, 1823=1950 Banns
1604=1886 Sawtry St. Andrew
1538=1918 Bluntisham, Cum  Earith

Parish.Register Stilton
1604=1970 Bapts
1754,1797 1824.1947 Banns
1604=1970 Marriages
18?=1970 Burials

Parish.Register Yaxley St Peters
1813=1900 Bapts
1813=1900 Marriages
1813=1900 Burials



Parish.Register ST NOTS
1604=1920 Bapts
1604=1900 Burials

Parish.Register ST MARYS
1604=1920 Bapts
1604=1900 Burials

Parish.Register ST IVES, ALL SAINTS
1653=1920 Burials


Margaret Long

Microfiche copies of:
Bramton 1841 & 1851 census
Kimbolton 1841 & 1851 census
Kimbolton (St. Andrew) Parish Burial Register 1604-1900
Huntingdonshire Marriage Index for surname beginning S

Robin Slowe
IGI lookup of any names in:
Also, if anyone has anything they would like translating from German into English (as long as it isn't the old German).
Rita Effnert
Huntingdonshire Cyclist Battalions, a database of over 4,000 men that served in WW1 as well as photos, letters, and documents.
NOTE: add 'hunts cycles' in your email to bypass the SPAM automatic binning.
Martyn Smith
1841 & 1851 Census for Houghton/Wyton/Hartford, Huntingdonshire
1841 & 1851 Census for Godmanchester, Huntingdonshire
1841 & 1851 Census for Hemmingford Abbots/Hemmingford Grey, Huntingdonshire
1841 & 1851 Census Holywell/Needingworth
1841 & 1851 Census Bluntisham/Earith
1841 & 1851 Census St Ives
1841 & 1851 Census Woodhurst/Oldhurst/Pidley
Jan Robb (temporarily unavailable)
Huntingdonshire Marriage Index 1754-1837 for surnames beginning C.
Kelly's 1908 directory for Cambridgeshire.
1851 Census for Broughton, Huntingdonshire
1861 Census for Broughton, Huntingdonshire
1871 Census for Broughton, Huntingdonshire
1851 Census for Kings Ripton, Huntingdonshire
1871 Census for Bluntisham cum Earith, Huntingdonshire
Liz Carey
Surgeons Journal of the voyage of the 'Irene' in May 1852 from Liverpool to New South Wales (Australia).
It contains many names although it is not a passenger list. Willing to do lookups on any of these.
Liz Carey
Trade Directories for Township of March-Cambridgeshire:
Township of "March" ONLY
Pigot's  1839
Slater's 1850
Kelly's  1853
Kelly's  1879
Kelly's  1883
Kelly's  1896
Kelly's  1908
Kelly's  1922
Kelly's  1929
Kelly's  1933
Kelly's  1937
Fiona Davis
1851 Census on fiche by Huntingdonshire FHS set C-76 Marion Fountain
1841  and 1851 Census Sawtry All Saints, Judith and St Andrew
1841  and 1851 Census Ramsey
1841  and 1851 Census Brampton
1841  and 1851 Census Alconbury and Alconbury Weston
1841  and 1851 Census Elton, Folksworth, Morborne, Washingley & Lutton
1841  and 1851 Census Great Gidding, Little Gidding, Steeple Gidding, Upton & Coppingford.
1841  and 1851 Census Huntingdon All Saints, St Bendict, St Mary
& St John the Baptist
Wendy Porter
1821 Town Census - Population of Godmanchester, taken the 28 May 1821
There is no index, it gives the name of the head of the house and the ages of the residents, male & female, By Street / Road / Lane etc
Norman Custance
1841 Census of the parishes of Offord Cluny and Offord Darcy Jeanie Wright
1851 Census of the parishes of Fenstanton, Warboys and Dorset Sally Courtenay
Parish Records for Hail Weston
1604-1900 Baptisms
1604-1900 Marriages
1604-1900 Banns
1604-1900 Burials
1841 1851 1861 1871 1881 1891 1901 Census for Hail Weston
1841 Census for Little Paxton, Diddington, and Great Staughton
1851 Census for Little Paxton, Southoe, Diddington, Little Staughton, & Great        Staughton
Alison Page
Parish Registers for Yelling
1582-Current   Baptisms, Marriages & Burials
1841-1901 Census for Yelling
Index to monuments and inscriptions from gravestone in Holy Cross Church and
the Yelling Baptist Chapel
Sue Malings
Yelling Holy Cross and Baptist Chapel - Monumental Inscriptions
Huntingdon Marriage Index for "S" 1754-1837
1851 Census for the Parishes of Great Paxton, Yelling, Toseland, & Graveley (CAM)
Therese Black
The BRADLEY UK DATABASE which is a non-commercial initiative containing thousands of references to this surname, including a number in Huntingdonshire. This is a quid pro quo look up - all John asks in return is details of any Bradleys you have in your own data to add to his own. All emails to have a subject line containing BRADLEY [NAME OF LOCATION OR LOCATIONS] John Bradley


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