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Hong Kong

I love to travel and I have been to many Countries. First when I was at University, I spent 7 weeks  in Hong Kong during my student Vacation in July - Sept 1992, as International Management Trainee with Employment Permission working for JUSCO Stores doing inventory control, purchasing and language translation. I really enjoyed this experience. I liked many things about Hong Kong including Chinese food.
In August 1997 I went to Hong Kong again for two weeks holiday. I looked up old friends and saw many sights.

Hong Kong


I have visited USA on three occasions. First in Feb/Mar 1992 for 6 weeks,  on a tour with a group of 90 people. It was on this tour that I met Miyuki-san who is now my friend.
Then in Feb 1993 I visited USA again for 2 weeks.



In March 1998 I went to San Joze, south of San Fransansico, on business for my company, to assist at a display in an exhibition. It was Optical Fiber Communication exhibition where my Company had a stand and helped our USA branch companies.
Germany is a country I always wanted to see, so I took the opportunity to go with a few of my Uni friends in February- March 1994. I spent 4 weeks there in Hamburg, Frankfurt, Belgium & Holland, and I met an old man who worked at the Opera House in Germany. He took me to the side of the stage 'in the wings' and I saw the opera from there. It was exciting. 



My friend and I went for a 9 day holiday in October 1995 to Canada, to Vancouver. Vancouver was lovely and a wonderful experience.
A major customer of my company is in Sydney Australia. In October 1996 I visited Sydney for a week. I saw Koalas and Kangaroos. I had dinner up the top of Sydney Centre Point Tower, and a barbecue up in the Blue Mountains, visiting Katoomba. I also had dinner at Darling Harbour and on a Sailing ship on Sydney Harbour. I met Ozzies that I had only spoken to on the phone, and I had a wonderful time. One day I wish to return to Australia.



On vacation I have visited Guam, twice. First in December 1996 for 4 days, January 1997 for a week. I went to do Scuba diving.
Also on business I went to Taiwan, in April 1996. I really liked that trip, it was a happy time. I was there for 1 week, for new business of custom made LED for ADC Telecommunications, and visited factories in Taiwan and had meetings with them.



In September'98   I took a months holiday in Europe. This was one of my dreams come true that I planned 5 years ago at University. I visited the Netherlands, Turkey, Venice, the cities of Rotterdam, Amsterdam,  Istanbul, Izmir, Pamukkale, Etes. This trip was so exciting.
For the Golden week holiday in May 99, I went scuba diving to the Palau Islands. Palau is a small country East of the Philippines. I don't know their history well, but I heard that the president (or his parents) came from Mie, Japan. People speak Palau language, English, and Japanese. I didn't need to speak English very much. Palau is not urban like Guam. You just can swim, dive, or relax at beach. You cannot find many shops. You can not go out after midnight as there is no lights on the roads. There is nothing for "material people".

I dived twice a day. It was wonderful. The diving in Palau is the best for me. I like Palau better than Guam or Okinawa. If you dive, you should go there. I will always remember the beauty of the sea around Palau.


So far I have left Japan to visit other countries 12 times. I still want to see other countries, like New Zealand, and Egypt, Greece, and maybe even Africa.


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Shogun: General, head of Samurai government



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